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About the author

Aleksandar M. Ognjević was born in 1967 in Užice, western Serbia. As of 1974 he has been living in Belgrade where he finished elementary and high school. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Belgrade University, where he obtained B.Sc. in Economics. He is married, with two children.

For the past thirty years he is actively devoted to studying and research of historical facts encompassing the Air and Naval Forces of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He cherishes the memories of the time spent in Beograd air club. As awarded modeller and the author of numerous columns, he appeared as a guest in several TV shows dedicated to the Royal Air Force with aim to rectify injustice brought on its members by the communist regime.

Being the representative of Naša Krila air club and PR manager of the Royal air club Falcon, he was engaged in the promotion and organizing of centennial anniversary of Wright brothers’ flight under the patronage of NASA in the Royal court in Belgrade. He is a member of military pilots’ club Mach 2+, an enthusiastic air-archaeologist and explorer of crash sites in the territory of Serbia where aircraft of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia crashed in the April war in 1941.